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Quality and Environmental Policies


Quality and Environmental Policies

At Rhythm, our fundamental policy and our vision for the intermediate term are based on the following policies.

(1)We have integrated our quality management system, through which we have established the level of quality demanded in our critical safety parts, with our environmental management system, and we continually work to improve both of these systems.
(2)When developing new products, we design those products taking quality and environmental concerns into consideration, and tailor them to the customer’s needs and requests.
(3)We set goals and objectives as part of our intermediate management planning and performance planning, and review them annually.
(4)When setting our goals and objectives, we build improvement into those targets, including the following areas.
        *Using less energy
        *Reducing waste and scrap
        *Using energy-saving methods that utilize cold forging technology
(5)We respect related laws and legislation, any requests made by the customer, and other requests with which our organization is in agreement.
Akira Furihata, President Chief Executive Officer
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ISO / TS16949:2009 Certification

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